Weekly Photo Challenge: SPRING! It is finally here!

The idea of showing spring in photos is something I can surely get behind! Here are a few photos from the past couple of days that illustrate spring for me. There are a couple of really different ways I see spring — both in the beauty of plants coming to life (especially plants that help feed us 🙂 ) and the excitement of getting back outside!

DISCLAIMER:  WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge led me to do this — I don’t want anyone who got snow today to beat me up!

fruit tree in bloom

In case you want a few more photos to celebrate the welcoming of spring, here’s a slide show with a few more pictures! 

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2 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: SPRING! It is finally here!

  1. crystal.cattle March 23, 2011 at 8:49 pm #

    I have been very cautious when talking to my parent, who live in Canada, about all the green grass that is just starting to poke up. However, I’m even getting impatient. I was in Oklahoma this past weekend and the flowers were all blooming. I am ready for warm weather.


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