Don’t worry about missing #openwebaward tweets

Some of us have noticed that the tweets recognizing our votes don’t always show up. Thanks to Darin Grimm for doing a bit of looking into it.  His finding? The results should be logging as long as you get the thank you screen on the mashable site.  Don’t worry about the tweet — you can create your own anyway!

What’s happening? Darin explains that Twitter has implemented a system where it will not display “duplicate” tweets – defined as same text in a 24 hr period.  It’s being done to reduce spam. Mashable resets at midnight but twitter is any 24 hour period.  He gave me the example of voting one day at 6:55 am and the next morning logging in a bit earlier.  Based on the twitter rule, his second vote did not show up, but the open web awards site gave him a thanks for voting.

I’m one of those folks who accidentally tried to vote twice one day and mashable told me, so keep getting your daily vote on!  This is a viral campaign so we need to keep up the momentum we’ve started!  Thanks to all of you who are voting daily — keep encouraging friends on twitter, Facebook, etc to log in and help us get Michele, agchat & foodchat some well-deserved attention!

Vote daily for @mpaynknoper for twitter user of the year! Click here if you haven’t gotten to the polls yet today!

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  1. Barbara Martin November 2, 2009 at 4:55 pm #

    Just loved the little “cotton picker”.
    She had a great time. Very cute! This is putting a very cute “face” on AG. Keep it up! We have a lot of people that need to see the people the farms!

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