Memphis Enters May with a Big Bang, Weather & Mobile Communications

Sirens have been going off all day off & on.  It’s a sound that at this point, it seems to be the background music for spring weekends.  They started early in the morning, kept lots of folks awake most of the night. somehow I made it back to sleep (the word exhaustion comes to mind).

Last Saturday I had no electricity for most of the day.  Today I’ve been lucky.  My power flickered but never went out today.  But it’s been a crazy one no less.  Flash flooding has hit all over the Mid-South — not sure how accurate the photos are but I’ve seen roads disintegrate & cars falling inside them as well as water that rushed so hard that a fire truck was reportedly overturned.  My cousin Bill posted these to his Facebook, so I’m not too sure of the veracity (he’s a bit of a cut up LOL), but I have to admit finding them believable the way this weekend has gone.

I have to admit, the idea that this week I had an iPad with 3G made me realize getting really good weather info whether I had power or not, was a really good set up.  This technology is great and has the potential to change the presence as people look to stay safe and yet need to be informed.  Cell phones made a crazy difference with some major storms in the past, smart phones and other mobile technologies will continue that in the future.  (Love The Weather Channel app!)

This weather has been so tiring, that I’ll call it a night with a couple of photos.  Stay safe everyone!

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