Honored to be Part of the 30 Days of Women in Agriculture Series

I mentioned earlier this month that my friend Katie Pinke in North Dakota was doing a series of posts on women in agriculture. I was honored to be asked to participate in the series. includes an introduction by Katie that really grabs my heart and head. I wanted to post a quick stub here so you can go read the piece yourself on The Pinke Post. This is part of the intro Katie wrote:

The Pinke Post feature on JP“There is a lot of hate in the world. I have seen it in social media for Monsanto Company and from some of my friends. So before I dive into this blog feature, I have a few things to share. I love much of the work Monsanto does in biotechnology as well as their outreach work, like the rural grants they give area schools or this video that features my friend Debbie, her family and ranch. My parents do use some Monsanto products on our family farm but all farmers have choices in what they choose to grow and purchase. Read my friend Jenny’s blog to learn more about farmers and their choices.

Rather than waste time hating a company that is successful I would argue people could use their energy in building their own successful business and in making a difference for their community, state and country or even the world for causes they care about passionately. Like my friend Janice does for her communities and agriculture, whether working in her day job for Monsanto or investing much of her personal time in advocating for her passions.

via City Girl to Cotton Loving Agvocate & Agnerd: Meet Janice Person #WomenInAg.

While you are there, be sure you check out the other women in the series. Several are dear friends and others are potential friends …. I just haven’t met them yet!


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