Common Sense Agriculture: Harris Ranch vs. Cal Poly – The Rest of the Story

Jeff Fowle is a farmer rancher I’ve gotten to know over twitter.  Today, he posted a blog entry about the recent events involving Michael Pollan, Cal Poly and Harris Ranch.  It is one of the first in-depth first-hand accounts I’ve had the chance to read (though I’ve appreciated that several alumni, students, etc have briefly posted through Twitter). When I posted the tweets sent during the panel at Cal Poly in which Pollan participated, I never expected to get so many blog hits on it.  I feel I should follow it up with this post as Jeff give a deeper context to some of the things that were discussed before, during and after the panel discussion.  And he’s a local.

Jeff walks through his relationship with the university, the climate for agricultural education from his perspective and his concerns about the path Cal Poly is on.  Anyone who has spent any time looking at the media coverage of the controversy and “big name” players,” should take the time to hear out a family farmer and Cal Poly alumni.  I hope you enjoy his blog as much as I do.

Common Sense Agriculture: Harris Ranch vs. Cal Poly – The Rest of the Story.

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