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Other Places JP shows upOnce you put yourself out there on a blog, it seems its more likely you show up on other blogs, video channels, etc. — either as a guest poster or being featured. I want to point you to some of the awesome sites who have been nice enough to feature me.


  • Story of Agriculture Podcast Episode 24: The Power of Storytelling — This podcast by the team at Herdmark Media was like a conversation with a long-time friend, even though I’d never met host Marlene Eick. We talked about storytelling, the lessons learned from outreach over the years and some of the things I’d tell my college-aged self.¬†Part of this is just me and part of it is my Monsanto workself. ūüôā




  • GMO documentary for ChinaUnderstanding GMOs: The Journey Begins (Chinese Documentary) — It was my pleasure to meet a group of Chinese students studying in the US as they worked on a documentary. I even made a short appearance in the film!
  • Our Ohio hosted a panel discussion on GMOs, where I participated alongside a couple of farmers. The discussion was so robust that it ended up providing the content for two episodes!

Blog Posts

  • Listening to the Women of Monsanto ( — Aimee Whetstine is a blogger who has friends who works at Monsanto. Having seen the dialogue online, she wanted to take a few minutes to help people see some of the real people who work at the office. This is her interview with a few women from Monsanto.
  • Meal Five: Janice Person and Friends¬†(¬†PThe One Hundred Meals project was started by a couple of Chicago foodies who had a lot of questions about how our food is produced. This post shares some of the thoughts Ellen had after having dinner with me and some farmer friends.
  • Conversations. | Agriculture Proud¬†(by Val Wagner)¬†—¬†Yesterday, I had the privilege of speaking to a group of people involved in agriculture about the importance of having conversations with those people that are buying our products, not only face-to-face, but through other avenues as well.¬†My friend, JP (, flew all the way from St. Louis to the frozen tundra of North Dakota (and we had a blizzard, which just about threw off the whole idea), just to help share the message and give some pointers on how to get ahead of the issues.
  • Any Benefits from a Change in Perspective?¬†(guest post on — Frequently people make the point that most Americans are 2-3 generations removed from the farm….. I’m from a long line of city folks and if my grandmom didn’t feel connected to something, how would I feel removed from it? What if instead you though of farmers as being the ones missing out?
  • How Social Media (especially Twitter) is Saving My¬†Farm¬†(on We have been ‚ÄúTwitter Friends‚ÄĚ with Janice Person for probably close to a year now.¬† For the majority of that time, we simply called her JP, as do most Social Media people, because of her Twitter handle @JPLovesCotton and her blog¬† While in Honolulu for the American Farm Bureau Federation Annual Meeting in January, we went to a Tweet-up with Janice (where she served delicious and FREE mai tais!) and were finally able to meet her in person. I must say, JPLovesCotton is Janice.¬† She is the same person online as she is in person:¬† always giving and kind, knowledgeable and head-over-heels in love with agriculture.¬† She is the kind of friend every person should have, even if they never get to see them in person.
  • Margie Clayman Interviews Janice Person of Monsanto¬†(on —¬†For as long as I‚Äôve known about Monsanto, I have only ever seen bad news about them. I first heard the name when I read Animal Vegetable Miracle. Then I heard about them again when I watched Food Inc.¬†One of the wonders of the world of social media is that pretenses you bring from your own life can be popped like a big bubble. Whenever I pictured Monsanto I pictured a sort of Earthly rendition of the Emperor‚Äôs crew from Star Wars. Guys dressed all in black, kind of scary looking, and very mean, for sure.
  • Dairy awareness #moo -ving on up in Twitter (on — In the early days of my Twittering, I stumbled into friendships with several farmers that was immortalized in #moo. Yep, a bunch of us in agriculture circles got Twitter to #moo and the hashtag caught hold like wildfire. This blog post was one of the few that helped capture the reason behind it and the excitement with which a few of us greeted the day.


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