My mom & brother headed to his big red barn to check on the chickens & goats.

A New Thanksgiving Tradition in the Making? #Thankafarmer

Thanksgiving has always been an incredible part of my life.  I’ve celebrated the holidays many years with vast number of family and other years I’ve been in faraway places like India or Italy where friends have attempted to make me feel at home, particularly for that meal. This year, we will likely have 60-65 people […]

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A Drive Will Do You Good On a Nice Day

A Drive Will Do You Good On a Nice Day

I’m very lucky to have excuses to get out and see the countryside fairly frequently.  It’s almost addicting when it’s harvest or planting time…. or on any really nice day there is a crop in the field!  This week the drive back to Memphis from St. Louis found me stopping on the road and grabbing […]

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Pam with her favorite heifer... a baldy

Three Days in Another World

Having spent time in the Soviet Union, Turkey, China, etc., I thought I knew what it felt like to be in a different world.  But those were easy to prepare for.  The languages were different, I had long hours on airplanes, etc.  This week’s trip to the North American International Livestock Expo (NAILE) felt similar […]

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Started learning before I even got on the plane! #NAILE #moo #beef

As I said, I’m making this learning vacation trip to NAILE… And while I have learned a bit from tweeps & tweets the last few days, I’m excited to finally be on my way! Right now, I’m tapping this from 30,000 feet or so – we haven’t made it far out of Memphis. I wanted […]

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What happens at NAFB?

With all the tweets this week about #NAFB, a few have asked what it is.  NAFB is the National Association of Farm Broadcasters.  And it is a marathon of sorts for PR people and interviewees!  We had a blast as always and saw so many friends!  Wish I would have thought to get more on […]

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Learning about #NAILE & I’m not even there yet!

  Okay…. I’ve had a few learnings already and I’m not even in Kentucky! First, I’m seeing stories about and photos of the expo posted…  It will definitely be a lot of fun and a chance to learn alot!  Those are some of the Simmentals Mike & Pam have at the show in the photo […]

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Tips for a livestock newbie?

Tips for a livestock newbie?

I’ve been talking with quite a few of my tweeps about animal agriculture over the last several months and realized it is something of a hole for me.  Sure I helped twitter #moo. Then again, it was hard to say no when a farmer asked so nicely and other farmers like Ray Prock gave it […]

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Soil conservation winner on the farm & in 4H!

Soil conservation winner on the farm & in 4H!

I continue to be amazed at the impact some time on a farm can do — for kids AND grownups!  Tonight a friend I grew up spending parts of my summers with left me another point of evidence to this fact.  She simply said “I thought of you today, when my son, David, won First […]

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agchat t-shirt2

SM Ag Revolution…

We all studied the industrial revolution that increased the way we could mass produce things in demand.  And most of us in mainstream agriculture have participated in the biotech revolution. This morning as I was casting my vote for Michele Payn-Knoper for twitter user of the year… the phrase, social media ag revolution came to […]

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Cotton Pickin’ Halloween

Nothing like getting out in the field with a kid — whether they are from the city or farm.  You suddenly realize how cool it is to know even the slightest things about farming.  And luckily my nieces & nephews have always been up for a stop along the road and some ag education. Yesterday […]

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Don’t worry about missing #openwebaward tweets

Some of us have noticed that the tweets recognizing our votes don’t always show up. Thanks to Darin Grimm for doing a bit of looking into it.  His finding? The results should be logging as long as you get the thank you screen on the mashable site.  Don’t worry about the tweet — you can […]

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Alpine gallery (2)

Cemeteries along the way…

I’ve been thinking about the things I’ve seen in various places I’ve traveled and for some reason, it occurred to me that I’ve seen how various cultures recognize the dead with cemeteries.  Thought of it sometime ago but figured that was a good way to get the mind going around Halloween and All Saints Day. […]

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Peanut digging & thinking (with a bit of singing)

One of my tweeps — Gene Roney –posted this video today (I have no idea why the embed code didn’t work but I have decided to link & hope you come back)… it prompted me to reminisce about my days in Tifton and further south talking with farmers about all the things they do to protect […]

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