I Had to Out Think Ambien At Least Once

Recently a cousin told a story on herself and as soon as I had a good laugh going, I admitted I had a tale of similar laughter that I would have to fess up to eventually. And while I am totally willing to tell the story now, I have to admit, I may have some facts off just a tad.

It all happened just a few years ago. I probably was blogging already but just though it was a shameful tale to share. I was living in Memphis and working lots of hours to be sure I could take some time off.

It was springtime in Memphis and if that wasn’t enough of a lure to get out of the office, my sister had come to Memphis for spring break. She was staying with me and my niece was staying at moms. My great nephew Jake decided to stay at my house for one night so we could get up early and do something fun. With all the folks around I wasn’t getting much sleep. Then Cheryl had kidney stones in the middle of the night…. We had a nice chance to see the emergency room.

Ambien induced blurThe next night, I was committed to a good night’s sleep. I found the Ambien I had a prescription for — with all the travel sometimes sleep patterns would get out of sync. I’d take one a couple of nights now and then. I took the pill and Cheryl and I both went for a solid night’s sleep.

The next morning, she asked who I was talking to. I had no clue what she was talking about.

She said I had been on the phone with an old friend after we went to bed. I still was blank.

I finally got my phone and sure enough, there was a late night incoming call from a number not in my phone! And when I checked, I had talked with whoever had called for 10-15 minutes!

Seriously. I had NO IDEA who I had talked to nor about what. I saved the number into my phone with “who is this?” in the company field name and debated whether I would want to call the number.

Not sure how long it took for the phone to ring and caller ID to show “who is this?” but I do remember sitting there watching it ring…. waiting in hopes the person would leave a voice mail that would help me understand who it was and what we talked about so I could regroup!

As soon as I realized who it was and the message didn’t make it sound like I had totally sounded like an idiot on the first call, I called back this childhood friend. We chatted a while, agreed to grab lunch at the Vietnamese restaurant nearby and I saved his name to the number.

Although I never told Tad of my goofiness (thought I guess someone else can now), my sister and I have laughed about how absolutely clueless I was about a WHOLE phone call several times.

Oh, and as you may have guessed, I haven’t taken Ambien too often since! Too worried about what else I may end up doing under the influence!

Oh, and yes, the company name for Tad remains “who is this?” it just seemed appropriate!

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3 Responses to I Had to Out Think Ambien At Least Once

  1. Dani November 2, 2015 at 12:24 pm #

    Ha!!! I’ve had similar forgotten conversations back in the day…but not from ambien….from hooch.

  2. Alisha November 2, 2015 at 6:07 pm #

    OMG hooch! Now that’s a way I don’t want to end up being forgetful LOL My old boss would have the funniest stories and I swear each one got better than the next. Glad you only made a phone call and didn’t end up making a 4-course meal or something haha

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