Celebrating Traditions and Making Memories

The holidays are always a lot of hustle and bustle and 2014 will be no different. Lots of friendly faces and happy places. There is so much to be done and I’m lucky to have a lot of flexibility with my schedule. Not only does Monsanto give us the time between Christmas & New Years off, but I am taking a bit of vacation too. I’m looking at a big break as I have two entire weeks off!

family tradition playing cards

Over Thanksgiving, I spent time in Memphis with family doing all the important holiday things like playing cards and telling tales! This year we had a series of Settlers of Catan battles and we played Skip-Bo too.

I had so much fun helping mom put up here tree was so much fun that I wanted to put my own up this year. Our family tradition around the tree is to decorate our trees with a lot of hand-made ornaments. My grandmom and mom have both given us so many great ornaments and memories over the years and some of us continue celebrating traditions. I also started getting ornaments as I traveled.

My Christmas tree combines homemade & travel memoriesSo as I decorate my tree I pause to remember various people and places in my life. In just this photo I see some made by my mom, both grandmoms and sister/niece) and others were purchased during travels (I see one from England, the Netherlands, Malaysia and the White House here.

At the same time, not all of my family and friends celebrate Christmas. Some of us are focused on New Years or Hannukah and others take it as it comes!

So what’s all coming up in the next two weeks? I’m not sure. I plan to be at home some (that’s pretty exciting when you are away as much as I am) and I plan to see a lot of family & friends! There are some things I want to get done on my blog too…. mostly stuff you won’t notice but I also want to sketch out things that may eventually grab your eye too! Feels like a pretty awesome two weeks!

Hope you have a chance to visit with family and make a lot of memories for future holidays!

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