Hard Working Guy at My Favorite Place

Over the years I have talked about my favorite place time and time again on this blog — it is the campground I went to as a child with dear friensd and family. But rather than let ourselves outgrow it, my family has grown it into a place we also use as home-base for our Thanksgiving celebrations which have become almost legendary!

David JohnsonOne thing I haven’t written about is some of the individuals there and I need to change that today and write about  David Johnson, the man who has been camp manager for more than 20 years. I’ve shared photos that included David, his handiwork and family I am sure — he was a big force when our families built a new bell tower for the camp.

And you can tell from the shirt, he appreciates sarcasm… that is a dominant trait in our family!

David has an unending work ethic. He has challenged us to do major projects as volunteers. If you take a look at the video, you will see pics of us reroofing one of the building used for arts and crafts and one when friends gathered there to do work projects to honor a few friends who died much too young.

I never got photos of some of the other major work projects, but everytime we are there I think about the year we refinished the floors in the rec hall (our version of a gym!), and the time we chinked the Bethany Hilton.

Today, there is a group of people gathering at the camp to celebrate David’s contributions over the years. Since I knew I couldn’t make it there, I shot some video this year at Thanksgiving (yes, the one during which we played human foos ball and human hungry hungry hippos which I need to edit video on).

I wanted to be sure I said thanks for all the man hours, all the time spent trying to do more with less and time and time again, letting me take in the beautiful place when I would be driving through the area and couldn’t help but drop in to take time to reconnect with the faith, relationships and experiences there. It is truly my happy place but it also is one that offers unbelievable peace.

This is my way of participating from afar. Would love to hear your memories, impressions, etc!

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