Telling my story, even if it is uncomfortable

About six weeks ago, I was asked to do an interview with John Blue at Truffle Media.  As someone who talks with media routinely and sets up interviews for others every week, I did it without thinking. And John is a great member of the #agchat community so it seemed friendly enough. But I have to admit, I’m more accustomed to talking with media about work and doing a conversation about ag media and my use of social media, well, that wasn’t something that I had written talking points for! LOL.

I’ve listened to several of the other conversations John’s done with folks in ag media and I’ve really enjoyed listening to them.  Everyone has their own story about how, why, etc. It’s a great means of storytelling.  The first podcast I heard may be one from last summer that I refer to during the chat with John, that was when he talked to Kathleen Manning, a co-worker of mine.  (This could be a delay mechanism. LOL)

As I listened to the podcast for the first time, I cringed a bit at the onset. I really get nervous listening to myself. (Yes I know several family & friends have A LOT OF TROUBLE believing that since I talk so much. Ok, maybe everyone has trouble believing that.)  I realized my biggest self-criticism is that I should have done it from a corded phone or something so the audio is clearer.  That and the fact I really prefer to appear by print rather than audio. 😉  I had a friend from work and my sister both make sure I didn’t totally embarrass them or myself. It seems they have both approved of me sharing it, so here it is.

The post can be accessed on Truffle’s site.  Thanks John for the opportunity for letting me share my story with you & the folks who tune into Truffle.

For the rest of you, if you don’t have a forum to share your story, I’d be glad to share it here. You can write it up, we can tape it or do a video! We can help you get over those uncomfortable feelings just like I did!

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