It is official! The iPad has put the smackdown on my netbook!

There was a time that shall be known as BI — before iPad. Back in those dark days, I was under the mistaken impression that I was able to keep up with things in my personal digital world even when I was on the move thanks to a netbook. I have trouble remembering this at all but luckily I have a blog post to remind me.

goodbye netbook, hello iPad

My netbook traveled Italy & The Philippines with me. It went on God-only-knows how many trips to St. Louis or various towns in the Cotton Belt. It was the hardware that I used in the early days of my blog, both while sitting on the sofa at home and while on the road. I now realize it’s time for the netbook to find a new home.

I didn’t come to this decision quickly or lightly…. in fact, I hadn’t thought much about my netbook at all as I became a total iPad addict. (so many blog posts that I’ll just like to a search on my blog site). But several weeks ago, I looked down and there next to a file box, was the netbook. I realized I hadn’t used it in quite some time so I pulled it out and thought I should use it. The battery was totally dead. I didn’t plug it in until this week!  

Knowing it had been a while since I used it, I was wondering…. when did I last use it? I though maybe August…. Well, glancing at the most recent files…. the words “Memorial Day” show up several times! Yes, it had been six months and I hadn’t realized it.

This netbook has such great capabilities (for instance, while writing this blog post, I played with the photo, chatted with friends, checked on Twitter & Facebook and more). But those capabilities haven’t been tapped AT ALL for the past SIX MONTHS! It deserves better.

And luckily, someone else will have all the joy this netbook used to bring me. Digital autonomy on the go. And I’ll have a few bucks in my pocket to use as I consider my next tech geek moment. 😉  I can almost hear Best Buy and the Apple Store calling to me!

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