That Time I Was Interviewed on Marketing Smarts Podcast

Kerry O'Shea Gorgone, Mack Collier and Janice Person

A selfie Kerry snapped when she, our blogchat buddy Mack Collier & I were all at Type-A.

So excited that I can share this link to the Marketing Smarts Podcast that published last week! The interview, a conversation with Kerry O’Shea Gorgone, covers a wide range of topics related to the work I do at Monsanto, the way we have been engaging in the broader conversation about food and the way a B2B gets involved in consumer outreach.

If you aren’t familiar with Marketing Profs and their Marketing Smarts podcast, I encourage you to find out what you are missing! There are lots of podcasts in the series that you can pick up useful information from — give the list a look.

As you listen to the podcast, I hope you think to yourself that it sounds like Kerry and I are dear friends who could chat all day… that was certainly the way I felt! I met Kerry years ago on #blogchat, the weekly Twitter chat that brings together bloggers every Sunday. I started dropping in and chatting with everyone in the early days of my blog. I learned a lot because the people there are so incredibly generous with ideas and information. And then we met up at various conferences — SXSW, Type-A and while I was in Orlando for Family Forward.

I’d love to hear what thoughts or questions come up for you as you listen to this episode of Marketing Smarts and if you have a favorite episode, please flag that too. Would love to be sure I caught them!

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