Sharing a Month of Memories in November

In the past, now and then I have joined friends in doing a November post a day blogging challenge. The first time I did it, I just did 30 days of blogging sharing whatever I wanted. Another year, I did 30 Days of Thanks.

30 days of memoriesThis year I had thought I would pass on it but then I had an idea that may stick. I’m thinking about doing 30 days of memories. There are lots of things that I never have shared on the blog that could be entertaining, could prompt thoughts, etc. And though I’m not positive I’ll make it with a daily posting process, it seems like it has potential. Partly because this topic could be a motivator! Hopefully I can keep it up while traveling.

To me, some of this will be the kinds of things I have put into travel journals at various times, the stories I find people enjoy hearing, etc. Some of the things the world simply prompts me to tap into my mind and pull out.

Since I’m deciding to do this sort of last minute…. Tomorrow starts the challenge — a month of memories — and I made the decision and started this post! I’m glad to take suggestions on memories that should be shared!

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