…But I Remember Putting It In a Safe Place

lost in a safe placeHave you had that feeling? You reach for something and can’t find it. It something you know you need to keep track of and you have a regular place you keep it, yet you were out of your routine and thought for a minute “I’ll put it in a safe place til I get it back where it belongs.” A friend calls this “safe spot syndrome” something she too has suffered from!

It is one of those feelings that makes me feel like I am losing my mind.

I do what my mom always told me to do. Retrace my steps. Think about the last time you know you had it. Where were you standing? What were you doing? What were you wearing? What came next? Think methodically about it. Don’t let yourself get panicked.

Last weekend, this is what happened to me. And usually, that’s enough. My hands magically land on whatever it is I have misplaced.

The reality is after retracing steps, going through so many things in my house last weekend and still not finding it. I got agitated. The redheaded temper was appearing. That’s not cool so I stepped away. Later with a calm head I went back to retracing again…. That usually is the final step.

reward for lost stuffBut this time, I STILL came up empty. periodic searching in various resulted in nothing. Things escalated and I left a note for my housekeeping crew offering a reward. Yes, really. See the note I left with cash…. And the reply when I got home…. sorry but despite trying they came up empty too!

Today I decided to give it another go. Try to find that lost item one more time. Looked inside and out. Find lint I had missed the other day but ended up tweeting my resignation. Friends said the way to find it is to buy a replacement. I decided that was the only thing left to do. The defeat stung but at least I knew I wasn’t alone! I was able to joke about it with several friends and family members.

And that was when magic happened and I thought maybe I remembered the “safe place.” And there it was, totally out of eye sight in a place that it would have taken a long time to find. When will I learn?

What I lost and where I found it…. it doesn’t matter in this story cause it has happened before and no doubt it will happen at some point in the future. Besides buying, are there any other things you do to surrender to the loss?

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