Thankful for People Who Take Action When the Chips are Down

Today, I had a totally different post in the works. My mind was set on it. I had the day off work, had done most of the work on a post & knew what was next. Then I saw this picture on the Monsanto Facebook page:


It really touched my heart. I have been wondering about the people suffering through things in The Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan came through. I have friends there. Some of you who have been reading here a while may remember I vacationed in The Philippines several years ago. I had a chance to see quite a bit of the countryside and went some farmers since a friends owns a small independent seed company there.
I remember that there were both similarities & differences between American farmers & the people i met there. Many of these farmers were still engaged in very hard physical labor. I remember one farmer who was spreading his crop on the road trying to help the grain dry down. He didn’t have a complex way to store and dry it. He had a rake and the road.
It is those kinds of people who have lost everything in this typhoon, sure, I am sure some people who were wealthy also were hit. But how do you work your way out of such a devastating whole when you have so little?
Thankfully lots of people see these issues and empathize AND ACT. It can be something much smaller on scale. Perhaps a house fire or car accident. Or maybe an illness. But I love that I have so many people around me who empathize and personally take action to improve the situation for others. It is an incredible gift to have so much that you can share with others. For me it also feels a bit like a responsibility… One that I embrace wholeheartedly!

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving in the US and a great week no matter where you are. You can read the other posts in my 30 days of thanks series here,

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