Decorating Laundry Bags & Pillowcases With Tri-Chem

tri-chem design on fabricOne of the clearest memories from childhood was having lots of things to do creatively. And while there were various handicrafts at different times, one that we frequently had on-going was painting on fabric.

It was something called Tri-Chem (I am shocked to find out the company appears to still be around!). We would work on it a little at a time. Starting with ironing a design onto something and then step-by-step, coloring things in.

I can remember that the paint pens would be arranged in a caddy that was stored in mom & dad’s room. There were tins we would take, stretching the fabric over a ring til it was tight.

It took patience to get things done as we would have to let things dry before moving the ring. Some things, like this laundry bag I used to take to camp when I was a kid, got used heavily for a while, still others are hung on the Christmas Tree each year.

Thinking it may be fun to get some Tri-Chem going again. Could be fun!

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We are halfway through the series of posts about various memories…. did you ever do fabric art as a kid?


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2 Responses to Decorating Laundry Bags & Pillowcases With Tri-Chem

  1. Janet November 17, 2015 at 11:42 pm #

    OMG! Our family used to do this too. I believe everyone of our family and friends eventually got a “painted” pillowcase or dishtowel. Christmas, wedding gifts, Grandma’s birthday; you name it, Tri-Chem was the perfect gift!

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