365 Project Week 11: Will Spring 2013 Ever Arrive???

Here I am, late again with my 365 project shots of the day for the past week! I hope you have had a great week and would love to know whether spring still exists somewhere… I am beginning to think its all an elaborate hoax!

Flower Like — 74 / 365

pine tree crown

Seeing lots of spring from other photographers but not here. We have lots of things getting ready to bloom, but this is about as close to a flower as I could find outdoors. (Yes, I have resorted to buying cut flowers for inside to compensate!)
Emailed this last night for Friday but forgot to get the title & all done. Lord have mercy.

Spring Indoors — 75 / 365

flowers -- daises & astramaria

As I mentioned yesterday, I am spring hopeful! These are the flowers I have inside trying to convince me that the weather will eventually be warm for longer than one day!I like the contrast of the astomaria and daisies. The petals are so clear here…. really drew my eye in.

Cold, Wet Reality — 76 / 365

leaves in winter

The potential for spring suffered a setback in St. Louis this weekend and I figured showing the wet snowy, icy mess that was coming down today would show that.
This is a shot from the deck… Hopefully in the next week or two I will be getting rid of the leaves and acorns and begin sitting outside to soak up nice weather!

Tomorrow or a fantasy? — 77 / 365

daffodil ready to open
I keep thinking spring will come tomorrow. Seems more hopeful today seeing a few daffodils just about ready to open but at the same time, it is cold enough to feel spring is but a fantasy so I shocked me picture of the day enough to give it an almost Alice in Wonderland feel.  The photo was taken with my iPhone and edited with snap seed and shock my pic.

Celebrating Ag Day — 78 / 365

farmer on National Ag Day

Today was National Ag Day in the US, a day that we pause to think about the people in agriculture who help deliver the food, feed and fiber that powers our communities. I love being a part of agriculture — it’s a real passion of mine. And though today was a pretty average day at the office, I decided to get out of the office a little earlier than normal so I could catch the sunset over fields or the river.
On the way, I met up with a customer who’s farm shop I’ve visited before and I knew immediately, I’d rather have a photo of him for my project than just another sunset (though I really love some of the colors over the river!). He had been hauling his crop to the elevator and delivering seed to other farmers. The way he greeted a stranger with a smile and a willingness to shoot the breeze for a few minutes about how things are going as he prepares for planting…. that captures the essence of the day better than anything else possibly could!
He had been driving the 18 wheeler behind him when I drove out. When he saw me he hopped out & came my way, taking off the one glove to shake hands. Also had to smile when I saw his cap (Asgrow is our soybean product line.) I caught this candid shot as he looked to see if his brother was still in the office.
I posted all the others on my blog’s Facebook page if you are interested, the album of photos taken on National Ag Day.A bunch of US farmers have written blog posts about ag day, if you are interested you can see them here

Warmth of a Fire — 79 / 365

fire & reflection

Traveling today & friends and I sat outside for a bit…. Was colder than we thought and this fire became a great companion to the warmth of great friends sharing laughs & stories.

Tapwerks in OKC — 80 / 365

Ag Relations CouncilAg Relations Council

I really am pumped about this photo though I am sure others notice the same imperfection I saw as I posted.Tonight, a group of people attending the agricultural PR conference I am at in Oklahoma City went for a drink after dinner and I went over to snap some photos of the bar and as I came back I realized how picturesque our group setting was.
Great friends and the photographed group of nine live in a total of eight states, and I am in another one. Great to connect.

If Spring Ever Comes….

I am certain to take photos of spring if it ever comes! Right now with a big snowstorm, I’m not sure I should hold out too much hope! Since I’m posting this late, I can tell you, I already have some great times to share in next week’s photos too.  As always, the photos show up most days to the right in the sidebar. You can see my other 365 project posts here on the blog or you can connect through my account at 365project.org/JPlovesCOTTON or in this album on Google +.

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5 Responses to 365 Project Week 11: Will Spring 2013 Ever Arrive???

  1. bocafrau March 25, 2013 at 1:16 pm #

    Love the shot of the flowers. So pretty. I can’t believe how bad the snow has been everywhere up north. Makes me feel a tad guilty for posting beach pics on the blog! 🙂

    • Janice Person March 25, 2013 at 3:17 pm #

      Thank you…. I have to say, this last snow storm hit while I was out of town. I just got home and had to shovel my walk in order to get my luggage in…. what a day LOL! Enjoy the beach enough for both of us!

  2. Ryan Bright (@Farmerbright) March 28, 2013 at 2:07 pm #

    The flower photos are fantastic! They’re great motivation for me to clean up our flower beds, too.

  3. Amanda Martin (writermummy) October 23, 2013 at 3:37 am #

    Lovely photos. I liked the group shot – can’t beat a relaxed session like that.

    • Janice Person October 23, 2013 at 7:50 am #

      Thank you! I was amazed by how well it was set up!

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