EyeCatching Sights & Sites of the Weeks (July 24 – August 5, 2011)

Well, its two weeks since I did one of these. So I’ll be picky on what to include & brief!

Size Matters — Its a cliche but I have to say it, size matters. That was clear when I decided to go to the airport to see if my nephew’s luggage arrive a night before him. I couldn’t believe it actually did, but once I had the two enormous bags I had the challenge of getting them in my tiny car!

He’s Home — My nephew was in Japan visiting his dad’s family for a month we finally got the nephew back in the US. So good to get to hang out with him some! Brother-in-law, great nephew & friend also came in so the weekend was one of reunions!

Our New Girl, Wait, that’s GIRLS! — Our extended family got an awesome addition. And she has more hair than I had when I was starting preschool!  LOL! She’s a precious addition to the crazy crowd and will be the subject of many photo opps to come! And then, many miles away…. friends in Turkey also had their first baby! Also a girl! The photos show she’s beautiful too! I have to figure out when I’ll get to snap a few photos for myself but the family supplied some! Both little girls have already wrapped the new dads around their tiny pinky fingers!

Cool Contest — My friend Judi Graff (Twitter, Blog, Google+) has started a regular contest that she will run monthly. She’s saluting a farm blog of the month by asking farmers with a personal (farm, ranch or ag blog) to write a post on a given topic, sharing that post in the contest comments and sharing the contest info. Find out more info at Farm Blog Contest | FARMnWIFE.

No Gas Cap — Just saw this on the rental car and have to wonder how many people like me have thought the cap was gone…. luckily I noticed quickly the words “no cap.” Have you see a car that didn’t come with a gas cap? Sort of strange. Anyway, that’s a bit of what’s been keeping me busy.

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