My Week in Photos (Week Ending July 1, 2011)

I’ve talked to a few folks now and then about doing a week in photos on their blog. (Yes, I was MAINLY aiming at helping a farmer or two share things they think are ultimately boring, but that may interest people who don’t visit farms often.) Now I’m not too sure folks will find my week in photos any more interesting than the farmers thought people would find theirs, but I figured that I take the photos all the time, post some on Facebook or Twitter anyway so why not share them on the blog. Who knows, someone may find something I did or saw interesting enough to spark a conversation about it. Of course I bet some weeks will find me photoless!

Soaked up a bit of the Broad Avenue Arts District while grabbing dinner one night

Our often mentioned favorite local pizza place is in an area people have long questioned it safety. There is no reason to wonder, but the birth of an arts scene seems to help convince more people that Broad Avenue is a place you can stop for a bite or to do a bit of gallery shopping.

mural on Broad Street Memphis warehouse

Hearing the Stax Academy summer program perform at the Levitt Shell

Some of America’s greatest music got its start in Memphis and while Sun Studio is a household name, far too few are familiar with Stax Records. Artists like Otis Redding who sang “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay,” soulful singer Isaac Hayes, Rufus Thomas who taught me how to “do the funky chicken,” keyboard extraordinaire Booker T & the MGs, The Staple Singers and so many more recorded at Stax. Today, Memphis not only celebrates that history in the label’s museum, but continues to develop local talent through the academy. Purvi & I enjoyed catching a bit of the show.

Levitt Shell Staxx Academy performance

Caught a few cars that needed another look

This one because I wondered how this person & I could go to the same bookstore (I love Davis-Kidd and will miss it) in the midst of the city of Memphis and yet I didn’t see a familiar face inside the store. A Tennessee agriculture license plate (like mine) and the “if it ain’t cotton, I don’t wear it” sticker both!

farm-friendly car Davis-Kidd MemphisThis one because we quite possibly could be from different planets. Not sure how someone gets the idea to put a BMW trunk on a Honda body (or whatever it is). And check out those rims! 
BMW Honda hybrid

An estate sale featuring a tabletop washing machine

I had to snap a few photos cause I’m thinking by the time I loaded this and dealt with it for what few things would fit in there, it would be easier to wash by hand. But the folks who owned the house probably had a housekeeper and this was probably was quite the thing to show the Jones’. Wonder what they’d think about the Duet Steam washer & dryer I have.
tabletop washing machine at estate sale

Pool Night with Family

What did you see this week that made you pause for an extra look?

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  1. bywordofmouthmusings July 2, 2011 at 9:03 am #

    I am still floored by the car!!! LOL, that is quite something!

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