What Caught My Eye This Week (Ending July 8, 2011)

Rather than doing just photos of the week…. I’m thinking I could put things that caught my eye on here (hence the category “EyeCatchers” LOL). That means photos as well as other things. What made me think of it was coming across a blogger doing a fairly cool series on her blog. And sure I put some of those things on my blog roll and I tweet a bunch of them, but I think it could be something that would be good to put here in the blog. We’ll see how it works.

A Few Things Online

  • Google+ — I know I wrote a post about it last week but this week we’ve seen some neat builds based on the feedback the early users have been given. Also nice to see another wave or two of people getting in.
  • Am trying a new tool out for a while…. Well, I’ve tried it before.  FormuLists is an automated way to get lists pulled based on keywords, engagement, etc. I’ve had a list by location for a while but now I’m trying a few more…. so far I like the fact it gets me some folks I don’t have on some of my personal “go to” lists.
  • Tara Ziegmont is one of the tweeps I’ve met recently and I saw her call out for people to share their “Sunday Best.” It was a neat way to be sure you have caught to best blog posts in your community.

A Few Things Around Town & Farm

fourth of July pool party

the July 4th cannonball contest

  • It was July 4th. This year was a chance to stay home in Memphis and enjoy being with some friends in the pool and eating some great smoked pork barbecue — SP is the man when it comes to cooking on a grill! And with a group like we had at the pool, a cannonball contest was awfully fun! And you’ll have to look at the slideshow to see how cute our little boy Cannon is.

    the Memphis Fire Dept training tower

    the Memphis Fire Dept training tower

  • Every neighborhood has some things that are just different from other places…. and one of the things that my neighborhood has that is different, is the training tower used by the Memphis Fire Dept. I get by the tower now & then and have a chance to stop and think about the folks who have hauled up the stairs… good to pair that with a week of red, white & blue. (Besides a couple of ace cannonballers were firemen LOL)
  • stink bug egg lay on soybeans

    stink bug egg lay on soybeans

    I also had a chance to go to a few field days and see some cotton & soybean fields. Although we were focused on talking about how to manage weeds, I had to take a few minutes to check out the blooms on the beans and the egg lay of what one of the guys said was likely a stink bug. I hate stink bugs in my house but in a bean field, they can cause enough damage to impact the yield a farmer has.

Those are some of the things that caught my eye this week. Hope you had a good week & we get the next one off to an incredible start! What’s caught your eye this week?

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