Memphis and Music Go Hand in Hand

It is amazing to me how much music you can catch in Memphis. There are the clubs along Beale Street that get the tourists attention. But there are also venues all around town and there seems to always be choices of music to listen to. Granted, the rockin blues are what put Memphis on the map music-wise, but we aren’t bound by Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and BB King alone.

Last night was one of those nights where I realized just how many choices there were and how great the choices can be. I went to see Todd Snider at the Levitt Shell (also on twitter & Facebook) and he was one of the many free concerts scheduled this year.  My sister & brother-in-law were at the Memphis Botanic Garden (Facebook & Twitter) watching Diana Ross in the Live at the Garden series (Facebook).  We had friends catching John Prine at the Canon Center downtown.  I’m not sure who was at Minglewood Hall (Facebook & twitter), but that is another favorite venue. 

Keeping up on good music in town has gotten so easy — just look at the social networking sites some of these venues have!  And we also have a lot of other Memphis efforts, including a high energy ILoveMemphis on Twitter and a blog, Downtown Memphis by website or twitter and lots of others.

If you aren’t convinced, check out these videos from my music experience last night!  And if you are in Memphis or planning to visit, give me a shout if you don’t find music to suit you… maybe I just need to get you some more ideas!

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