An After-School Class in Trampoline?

These days when I talk with friends, I frequently find out that they are running all sorts of directions with after-school activities. There are full slates of sports — baseball, football, hockey, soccer and more. There are also all the arts and languages — piano, painting, Japanese school, and seemingly millions more.

trampoline lessonsBut I rarely hear about the most memorable class my sister and I took at our local community center when we were growing up.

That class? Trampoline!

Yes, we went to a class where we got to jump around on enormous trampolines and had people who knew all about gaining height, about using a partner to get the bounce going better, about how to really get the flips going, how to go between standing and seated positions. We got pretty good at things too!

And I don’t remember mom ever needed to convince us to go to class! We loved it!

Although I do think I should confess we had to miss some classes cause someone had an accident on the trampoline and had to get stitches.

The class is coming to mind more for me as I see ads for trampoline parks and more friends have added trampolines to their backyards. Heck, they have even added trampoline to the Olympics!

Not sure that I can tap back into those lessons enough to try and make a comeback, but I sure get a massive smile when I see others go for the gusto getting air under them!

Oh, and in case you wondered…. I didn’t have stitches til after college!

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