VIDEO: “Connect and Play Kinect Games” Christmas with Family

Jake on Kinect AdventuresFor the family I’m with this year, it seems pretty clear, this is a Kinect Christmas. I guess I should have known last weekend when I did virtually all my last shopping by going online and purchasing several things at Best Buy for in-store pickup. See, I love that I can browse all the games, etc and have them ready to go when I get there. And don’t worry, the store was still able to benefit from impulse purchases.

I bought a couple of games (both for Nintento Wii at one house and Microsoft XBox 360 with Kinect for another). As I did all this shopping, the reality that I needed a DVD player player rushed over me and with a few checks I realized the XBox could serve as my DVD player…. yeah, I bought myself a Christmas present!

As crazy as the week has been, I used the XBox for the purpose I bought it for…. to watch a movie. It wasn’t until several days later that I had a feel for the action of Kinect games. And we’ve had a great time competing  (I especially like the javeline competition cause I kicked butt in that!)  Jake enjoyed knocking me out in a round of boxing but I got even the next time we went head to head. And we all enjoyed watching others — you can see my sister play against her grandson in the video below.

The fun thing is everyone can play and if you don’t want to play, its still fun to watch and cheer on the others! Now I’m thinking I’ve got some fun motivation to play some games when I get home. Now we’ll see how crazy I look to the neighbors and all jumping around in my living room!

If you are into the Kinect system and have games you’re enjoying, lets stay in touch.,… I’m trying to figure this out and get myself moving a bit more for a while. So far we’re trying out the Kinect Sports & Adventures but I’m looking forward to using the Deepak Chopra Leela when I get a few minutes to chill. I’m sure we’ll also have the chance to play lots of board and/or card games. What do you do with family to enjoy your time together?

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