Got a Farm Blog? #AgBlog it

When I want to look for a new farm-related blog post, I have a few options available to me:

  • Scan through my tweet stream (not at all practical)
  • Check a few of the Facebook groups where I know people post them
  • Go to my ag blogger list at JPlovesCOTTON/Ag-Bloggers (more practical but also includes posts of all other sorts)
  • Browse some of my favorite blogs through RSS feeds (very effective but it is hard to discover new ones that way)

Surely I’m not the only one who would like to find a more effective way to locate new ag blogs! So I’d like to suggest we start a new hashtag. ( can hear groans from a few folks already & I’m okay with that).  It’s only an idea I wanted to throw out for comment and see what folks think but maybe one that would be clearly judged by whether folks adopt it or not.

This hashtag would likely be used along with others but would help identify a personal perspective on a topic. So a blog could be tagged with #agblog #agchat and #agproud. Could sound redundant but with different search column runs, things get filled up.

What say you ag bloggers and ag blog readers?

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