Testing Video Capabilities of my Blackberry Torch

Recently I wrote a blog post about the new Blackberry Torch I had gotten. Since then, I’ve had a chance to get to play with more of its features.

I’ve got an HD Flip camera that I LOVE and use often but recently while I was on the road with my niece & nephew, we stopped at a legendary restaurant. I didn’t want to dig out the Flip, didn’t even think about catching my niece’s first catch of an infamous throwed roll at Lamberts in Sikeston til we were in the dining room. So I decided to test the Torch’s video!

Having had a chance to look at this later on both mobile and desktop computers, I have to say I’m fairly impressed. The quality of digital video indoors isn’t exactly stellar unless you have an expensive camera. For something that’s really my phone, email, etc, this did well.

I think rapid movement is a bit more broken with this than the Flip… meaning I don’t think the video moved too smoothly. That sort of bothers me but again, I think convenience weighs heavily on it & would be willing to bet it does better in daylight.

I did love that the phone provided YouTube as an easy upload option. Worked well once I had decent cell tower coverage.

So for now, I’ll use occasionally for fun or in a pinch if the Flip isn’t handy. Oh and I’ll celebrate that Alicia indeed caught that first throwed roll that came her way, just the way I have, my mom has and my grand mom used to do. Something about bread hot out of the oven makes our motor skills go into overdrive.

I’ll close with a word of thanks to all the farmers out there who grow all that wheat I love so much! If you want to know more about the first building block of those yummy hot rolls, I have a couple of recommendations for you. Working from the ground up… You can start at the ground level with a farmer and then move to groups of farmers:
Darin Grimm who grows wheat in Kansas you can find him on Twitter or his blog
Kansas Wheat Growers also offers a blog, Twitter account, photos And all sorts of wheat photos
National Association of Wheat Growers and their website tells you how to find them on a variety of other channels

Have you been to Lamberts? If so, I’d love to hear one of your stories of roll throwing. If you grow wheat, what kind and what is that kind of wheat used for?

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