Mind Reeling After Blog Review on #BlogChat

blog reviewIn the past, #BlogChat (the most awesome Twitter chat known to man, held weekly from 8 to 9 pm central on Sundays) did blog reviews and I remember thinking how cool it would be to get input from so many awesome bloggers. I wasn’t sure exactly what I would get even though I had seen previous reviews.

I knew there were a few things I was thinking about — even wrote a post expanding my thoughts about a blog refresh or redesign. Even now I’m a bit surprised I put my name in and that my blog was selected for review — but this was a chance to get the opinions of a big group of bloggers to look at what I am doing and give me feedback.

I got a great mixture of compliments and constructive feedback. I’m going to take the comments as food for thought. Some of the changes suggested reinforced my hunches, others are prompting me to  think twice as I have to remind myself that some consistency is a good thing when I can get sort of bored with it. Anyway, I am capturing some of the tweets here in a Storify so I can keep mulling the ideas over.

Does anything in this stand out for you?

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