Blushing (But with Pride)

I’m not sure I’d bite off a daunting list like the top ag tweeps… but Sabrina at Fastline put one together.  There are lots of tweeps I put way ahead of me.  But I’m thrilled to be included as it seems that I’m contributing to the discussion on agriculture with what I’m putting out on twitter.  Sabrina has done this in a way that allows you to see some of the accomplishments of our community.  It’s nice to look back at where we’ve come and I really enjoy seeing what moves the needle for her and others.

If you haven’t seen the blog, you can read it in it’s entirety with the link below.Please be clear, this list gives you just a taste and she’ll do part 2 soon (it was added the next day).  But to really “get it,” you need to plan on participating in the ag discussions on twitter if you aren’t already!  Come on… don’t you want to join the fun?  We’ll be glad to help out if you need a hand!

Top 10 Ag Twitter Users of 2009: Part I « The Fastline Blog.

Top 10 Twitter Users of 2009: Part II

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