What’s your favorite farm blog?

farm blogs that rockI love crowd-sourcing information. It’s frequently the way I find the best information.

I’ve seen lots of blog rolls and lists of farm blogs, heck I have a few lists of my own! And I’ve seen lists that compiled the top 10,20, even 50 farm blogs.  Every time I look at those I wonder how people could decide who rates higher. So in a conversation with some other farm bloggers, I decided to resurrect an idea I had at New Years with a bit of a twist…. I’m running a survey basically…. asking all of you to help me identify the best bloggers when it comes to handling farm topics. And since there are various kinds of farm blogs, I’m going to put places for different kinds of blogs on here. And since some people do video, twitter or Facebook and don’t blog, I’m producing another post for those too.

I figure I will get far more thought by asking our entire community their thoughts than if just a few put their minds to it so this can be something of a Best of Farm Social Media.

There are a few guidelines:

  • Be sure to paste in the URLs for the sites you are recommending. Since there are text areas, you can add comments advocating for whatever you think others should know (within reason).
  • Please remember the category as you recommend someone…. if it’s the food category at least some of the posts should be food related.
  • If someone submits a blog, page, etc that isn’t regularly updated, we’ll assume that was accidental and will pull it. There should have been posts at least within the past month.
  • I know it’s hard to pick just one sometimes, so I’m making it so you can enter text fields. I would like to ask you limit your responses to five entries in each
  • I’m going to have this active for a month (Will close at 8 a.m. on August 19). That’s plenty of time for people to give some thought to it & answer. And what’s cool is it will close just before the AgChat Training Conference!
  • I’d appreciate email addresses be submitted — may need to followup with some questions but I will not be using them routinely for other things, so no worries.
  • Remember this is global…. would love to have farmers in the UK, Australia, Brazil, India, etc participate!

 Who do you pay attention to?


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