All I Want for New Year’s Is Your Input for My Blog :)

a-colorful-adventureAs I look back over 2011, I think about how much the blog has changed — content, design, adding readers, etc. and wondered what I should be doing for 2012. came up with an idea. I don’t have to be the one who thinks up the ways to improve it — I’ll crowd source ideas from the people I trust to offer tips! Yes, if you are here, I want your input about the blog. Although I want that routinely (both broadly & specifically) I thought that a one-time ask of everyone would help me compile input and help me understand how I can improve it. I’ve got some ideas on things but to really shape them up, I figured I need to get your thoughts. We’ll start with content and then go onto other areas. 🙂

The Reading & Writing Parts

The first is something I’ve been considering for a while — that is creating content buckets or topics, I will write about routinely. Obviously, I have a few topics I cover more often than others. And it seems that I see patterns on what people are interested in, but who knows, I may have some big holes. Or I may think you like something you don’t. The benefits to you are you know a bit more what to expect on the blog and the benefit to me is I focus in on a few areas rather than continuing to bounce around.

Here’s a quick survey to see what you think about content buckets, please note that for now I’m hiding the results…. I don’t want what someone else thinks to shape others ideas. I think I’ll choose a few for routine postings and then do a catch all if I go the direction of content buckets. And you have the option of a write in candidate…. I’m counting on at least a few of you to get creative there — hopefully at least some will be actual topics I could blog about. LOL!

All the Other Stuff

Now this is the part that will make scientists go mad. I’ve written out a survey form that has no scientific merit. I won’t be compiling data and looking at percentages from this part, I’ll get ideas and input from you in a few areas the way I would if we were sitting in front of the computer together. I want to know what ideas you have on design, organization, etc. It may be a good idea to open another browser window so you can look at the homepage while you reply in the other window or tab. And I totally understand if you don’t have things to say on some of the questions, but would honestly appreciate any ideas you have!

For those with more of a data or scientific mind, simply write this off as a qualitative survey and remember the poll above is quantitative. 🙂

And Still More Room for Input…. The Comments Section!

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  1. Brian January 1, 2012 at 11:39 pm #

    I could only vote for four options!


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