Social Media Hero, Farmer & Blogging Coach Judi Graff aka @farmnwife

A lot of the people who are involved in agriculture and who write blogs will probably recognize the social media hero I want to highlight this week. It’s Judi Graff aka @FARMnWIFE. There are a lot of reasons she is a social media hero to various people, but I get to make the list so we’ll focus on my reasons.

Judi and her family are actively telling their farm’s story. There’s the Big Green Combine blog where she does a great job helping you get to know her & what’s she’s doing through social media saying:

Following this blog, you will learn all about grain farming and raising cattle in the mid-west. I will be writing about the good and the bad aspects of farm life. Being dependent on weather and commodity markets for a living is not for the faint of heart by any means.  It is not a glamorous life but it is never boring. (Well, driving a combine back and forth for 12 hours a day for two months can get a little tedious.) I would love it if you would join me. It should prove interesting.

There are other websites and channels too:

social-media-hero1But I haven’t even mentioned the reason I thought of Judi so soon after starting this series on social media heroes…. The biggest reason by far is she is helping other people be better at social media EVERY SINGLE DAY. See, in addition to all the farming, all the telling of their farm’s story, Judi also has a blog ( devoted to highlighting ways to improve blogs, written in a way that is totally geared to farmers and others in the ag community!

And in case that’s not enough giving back to the online farm community, she decided to up it even more for the month of January doing a special program based on the book 31 Days To Build a Better Blog by Darren Rowse of ProBlogger. She wrote a post in early December explaining how it would work and that a small group dedicated to building better ag blogs would help each other improve during January. I signed up hoping that my travel and work schedule would allow me to participate…. well people, the enthusiasm level was infectious! HOW COULD I NOT FIND TIME? I just had to do it! Now I will openly tell you that by participating in #BlogChat for a long time, a lot of the info was familiar or things I had even accomplished, but I have been doing a lot of adds and updates. Some in the group are brand-new to blogging and others are like me, have been doing it a while — all of us are enjoying the small group dynamic and the trusted feedback (both constructive coaching and the positive feedback!).

If I were you, I’d start following Judi EVERYWHERE. She’s the kind of person you can ask a question or just read what she’s got going on and get better in your own blogging efforts. Oh, and Judi & Bill don’t need to worry, I won’t actually follow them EVERYWHERE while we’re at the cattlemen’s meeting. 😀

Other Social Media Heroes:

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