Pics on the Go while in Seattle for #AFBF10

Over the weekend I posted several photos on TwitPic as I was moving around Seattle and the American Farm Bureau Federation’s annual meeting…  And the battery on the BlackBerry was waning so some never even got posted.  Thought I’d pull them together here for folks to see!  (I’ve been meaning to put a photo gallery in a post and never have!)

I’m posting some of the sightseeing stuff  as well as some of the working pics.  Got to admit, I thought this would be quick and easy but it really wasn’t!  This gallery thing wasn’t as easy as I had hoped!  I input captions but can’t see to find them now!  So starting top left, I’ll go one by one and try and rewrite them!  I’ll have to see what else I can play around with, but it is sort of cool that you can click on the thumbnail below and get the full size picture

  1. Flying in I was amazed by the landscapes I passed over.  I’m used to the middle of the US, but am always pumped about how quickly the mountains arise from farmland.
  2. Different landscape.
  3. After a week at the Beltwide Cotton Conferences, I decided to take a day off and do some sightseeing with a friend.  We started with the memorial to Seattle’s famous rock guitarist — Jimi Hendrix.  It’s in a small cemetery and services were being held for someone as we left.
  4. The Seattle Center’s Music Experiment Project was a cool way to spend some time taking note of Elvis’ birthday.
  5. There was a guitar tower at the music experience that went two stories high!  And a few actually self-strummed or something… really caught my eye (well, after Debra made me look. 🙂
  6. We had a chance to go up on the Space Needle on a mostly clear day.  That’s my sister checking the view.  In the background are some of the farmers I met — those three are from Virginia.
  7. That’s the view she was taking in!
  8. When pigs fly! Shout out to pork producing tweeps like @FoodProvider, @Hogs_r_us, @ChrisChinn and @proudporkmom as well as @mkg81’s peeps.
  9. Not sure what Ray (@RayLinDairy) is talking about but I bet the story was bigger than his hand motions suggest!  And look at @FarmerHaley trying to hide!
  10. @TroyHadrick works the bar for a minute or two
  11. @FarmerHaley, @AFBFMace & Greg Akagi laughing and telling tales
  12. The opening general session included a speech by Bob Stallman that defined the inclusive nature of agriculture and encouraged all farmers to tell their story.  He got a well-deserved standing ovation.
  13. Some of the #agchat boys — namely @RayLinDairy, @JeffFowle and @FarmerHaley.  We had a chance to spend a good bit of time together… amazing how much they can talk about twitter!  (Ok, I was talking too.)
  14. Ray takes control of the mouse to share some of the resources he uses.
  15. And he’s thinking this is the size screen he wants from now on!
  16. @ChrisClaytonDTN interviews @AWinstead for an article on twitter and using social media to tell her story.  (here’s the article.)
  17. Some of us got together for a brainstorming session… Tinkerbell’s attention span is less than we’d hoped… and well, that’s him with hears around his face.  He’s probably going to be glad I am not identifying him by name.  Of course, others may!
  18. Mimi visits with farm broadcaster @ABNLindsay during the trade show.  Lindsay & @AndyVance were up for an award in excellence… made the top 10!
  19. Met lots of great farm families!  This is one from Van Wert, County, Ohio.  It was incredible to meet so many folks.  These gave a shoutout to @AKleinschmidt.
  20. Watch Food Network? If so you may have seen Top Pot donuts… it was TopSpot but the sign lost the S long ago!  Debra bought some for Jeff & carried them home!
  21. The marquee may not let you know it’s a really cool place to eat lunch of grab a drink.  That’s the Icon Grill.  My college friend Marilyn recommended it!
  22. Check out the shirt Indiana Farm Bureau had out… I’ve got to find a way to get one of those!  Oh wait, I don’t have livestock…  maybe farmers deserve them a lot more than I do!  I’ll #thankafarmer on that!
  23. That’s me and @Agripundit enjoying the media reception Monday night.  Good times on the 76th floor — said to be the highest building west of the Mississippi River!
  24. Tinkerbell in the lobby bar with my good friend George.  @JeffFowle aren’t you glad I didn’t say that’s you with George?  LOL.

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