A Positive Case of Using Twitter Hashtags To Build Relationships & Reputation

So often those of us on Twitter can point to faults of spam accounts or folks who just don’t get the social nature of the platform. There are actually people who think automation is the way to go. Its not. Well, my brief rant on the need for a revolving door at my house, was tweeted with a couple of hashtags. (For non-Twitter people, I use hashtags sometimes to get spotted by people who aren’t following me but other times it is to get a chuckle out of followers, I was focused on the chuckle but I also got a sympathetic ear from a stranger.) Here’s what I put out there:

The hashtags worked. I heard back from a couple of friends quickly. But I also quickly saw an unfamiliar name & puppy dog face in my timeline. It was from Holman Moving in New Castle, DE. I frequently get tweets in response to a keyword or hashtag in my tweet. Some are random people with a shared interest I may end up following & getting to know but far too often it is from someone who wants to give me a business tip. I usually describe those folks as spammers! But I got a breath of fresh air.

The tweet also gave me a reminder. Sometimes the interactions among strangers who you just come across in a tweet can brighten a day. I need to make sure I am paying it forward cause a bunch of tweeps bring lots of smiles to my face.

How often do you see good use of hashtags versus someone spamming or wanting to “own” a hashtag?

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