Voting for AgChat Panel at 2011 SXSW & First Steps Agvocating

When my niece moved in a couple of weeks ago, I joked that she’d be learning a bit more about agriculture. And then last weekend as I was voting for the AgChat Foundation to go to SXSW Interactive, I joked she needed to vote too. Well today, she heard part of the podcast Darin Grimm did with About Harvest on the topic as I was giving it in listen. We looked up & at the same time said something about her voting. Well she’s done it now. Guess this is officially her first step in agvocating!

I voted early in the week —  left a comment too and I was amazed at how many more people have been there to show the love for AgChat! Lots to consider with the idea of farmers and ranchers on an interactive panel. And I’ve bounced around a bit more and voted for some other panels… thinking about how fun it would be to go to Austin. I love Austin. So maybe…. I could go as a farmer groupie. Now that has potential for some fun!

So take a few cues from my niece… go to the post on and follow the directions. If you want a demo, you can watch as Alicia takes her first steps.

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