We Have Just This Weekend Left to Help Bolay Farms!

Be sure you find the Bolay Farms clip pictured above!

In the last few weeks I’ve seen several people sharing a video that gives you a specific way to help one Oklahoma farm with just the click of a mouse. Its come at me from farming friends as well as college friends. I’ve voted several times but you can vote daily and we need more to do that. But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself unless you know what I am talking about.

Mason and Madison Bolay are working their family’s fifth generation farm in Noble County, Oklahoma. They submitted a video in a competition Dell Computers has going on and the video is simply put, fantastic! They talk about their grandpa who was the first person to bring a tractor with rubber tires into the county. They talk about their connection to their family’s fifth generation farm. Thinking outside the box has helped their family. The latest is they’ve used GPS to reduce fertilizer use and autosteer to be more precise in their operation. They’d like to go with variable rate technology that would let them draw yield maps. Its a technology investment that a small business, a family farm, could really benefit from especially if they could get it as a grant!

So from the first time I heard about the contest from Courtney Meyers (one of the folks I met at ACFC11), to the tweets and Facebook posts by others to the email from my college friend (and Noble County resident) Sandy Malget, I’ve voted. I’ve shared it and retweeted it. But today as I went to cast my occassional vote, I realized this weekend was the end of the voting. I had to look through my email to find the plea:

There us a local farm family trying to win a national contest on YouTube.


They are entered under Bolay Farms and they need your vote. They are 5th generation farmers. They farm the land that their family claimed in the land run September 16, 1893.

Please use any connections you have to help these young men reach their goal.

Why I didn’t think to write my full plea out into a blog post to put across all channels…. I don’t know but we could need a miracle. If we get a crowd to vote today, tomorrow AND Sunday we could really make a difference! I’ve already set a daily reminder on my phone. PLEASE. Could you help me, Courtney, Sandy and the many others out there by voting everyday this weekend?

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