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St Louis skyline panorama from the Arch

Thankful that I Have Two Great Cities to Call Home — Memphis and St. Louis!

For at least half of my life, I have been a person with more than one place that I called home….. while it may seem weird to some people, to me, that is a great reason to be thankful! Not because it has meant spending half of my life away from the hometown for generations […]

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thankful for our emergency responders

Thankful for Emergency Responders!

In October, I made a list of topics for my 30 days of thanks posts. I had emergency responders on that list — you know, the men and women who answer our calls for help when accident, fire or crime strikes. Several times I have thought I need to write the post but I thought […]

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The most wasted of all days is one without laughter. e. e. cummings

Thankful for Laughter, Especially a Hearty, Distinctive Laugh!

My sisters and I have a distinct laugh. We love to laugh hard and we do it with abandon! People have been known to call it the “Person girls laugh” and that’s fine by me. Being known for something that shows the joy of a good day or a good story…. well that’s a reputation […]

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cotton picker on the farm

Thankful for Cotton & The Folks Who Plant it & Get it to Me!

This is another one of the “no brainer” posts for my 30 days of thanks series. I am sure some of you were beginning to wonder whether I was going to wait and make this my grand crescendo at the end or something, but I have to admit, that I’m not really that organized! LOL! […]

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thank God it's Friday

Thank God It’s Friday! That’s Certainly a True Feeling of Gratitude

How often do you say “thank God it’s Friday!” with enthusiasm? Well for me, it is truly enthusiastically that I say it tonight! I’ve said it several times today and truly meant it too! But I didn’t realize that I could have been singing it all day! This is so fun that it will likely […]

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clean water is a luxury

Clean Water: An American Expectation That’s Uncommon in Much of the World

I hope others are enjoying my 30 days of thanks posts half as much as I am. Each day up I get to talk about whatever I want, just doing it from a mindset of gratitude. Today I want to bite off a major topic…. Much bigger than my last few days. Today I am […]

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lyrics by Elton John & Bernie Taupin

Old Friends Give me an Incredible Sense of Gratitude

So much reason for gratitude because I have so many friends I can count on. Quite a few are old friends (long-time friends, not friends who are old!) who are frequently on my mind even if they aren’t in the same room. There are lots of friends who I may not see or talk to […]

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Thankful for the Potential Our Youth Offer!

Yesterday, I hopped on a plane to come to Louisville, KY. It’s a trip I haven’t made often, but I was excited about it because I was going to get to see a very different part of the world for a bit. Louisville is hosting the National FFA Convention (a lot of people remember FFA’s […]

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