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A to Z Agriculture blogging challenge

Lessons Learned Through My Blogging Challenge, an A to Z on Agriculture

I have done a few different blogging and social media challenges in the past couple of years, but have to say the A to Z Challenge may have been the toughest! And even though someone has suggested that I should start again with AA and BB, I’m taking a break from the series — at […]

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Deer disease issue

Z is for Zoonoses — Zoonoses Isn’t Something Farmers Can Laugh About

The word zoonoses…. seeing that on my screen makes me wonder how many of us giggle at the idea of zoo noses. You know, like an elephant’s trunk or the orangutan’s smooshed up nose? But zoonoses doesn’t have a space and it is a really serious topic for livestock farmers and ranchers. The World Health […]

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Ham Farms sweet potatoes

Y is for Yams or Are They Sweet Potatoes? What’s the Difference Anyway?

I met Will Kornegay through social media and love that he offered to help me with my “S” post. See, Will grows sweet potatoes and was willing to help me out. But I have worked in the seed business for 15 years and really felt that I had to say S is for Seed. BUT […]

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tree growth rings are evidence of plant vascular systems

X is for Xylem — Plants have vascular systems? And with xylem in them?

When I started this, the fascination was about how I could find an X-word for my A to Z on agriculture. I took time and searched around a bit and the appendix of my trusty Cotton Physiology Handbook showed me this wouldn’t be too hard. But I have to admit, I don’t use xylem in […]

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the kitchen at Pastaria

W is for Wheat — Semolina Can Get Chefs Talking Wheat

As my friend Julie and I ate at Pastaria on Thursday night, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Chef Gerard Craft. I had to say hello to him as I had hoped to meet him last fall when a group of friends went to his other restaurant Niche one night. It is […]

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V is for Viticulture — Cultivating Grapes for Wine Making

Viticulture is another one of the words that I think may not be familiar to everyone but if you drink wine, you should be really happy that viticulture exists because in a nutshell viticulture is “the cultivation or culture of grapes especially for wine making.” I have to say when I think of viticulture, my […]

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Urban Harvest STL roof top farm

U is for Urban Agriculture — Growing More Food in the City

Urban agriculture. I can’t imagine many people used that phrase 20 years ago but it is certainly a phrase that is growing in prominence. And I think its awesome! The more ways we connect ourselves to the production of food — both in the city and the countryside — the more we will appreciate the […]

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farm ready for planting

T is for Tillage — Understanding “When tillage begins, other arts will follow.”

Tillage is something that while it may not be well-understood by everyone, it has a romantic quality. We’ve seen some of the earliest photos taken in the United States were of people behind a mule and plow, parting the ground, turning it over in an effort to make the ground conducive to growing plants. That image […]

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