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tractor getting ready to plant

S is for Seed — It All Starts with a Seed

My part of agriculture is crops even if I’ve been learning more about livestock in the past few years. And crops tend to start with the seed (I say tend because there are a few like olives that work off cuttings). Seed is probably the most critical decision a farmer or gardener makes in a […]

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farm magazines & books

R is for Reading — Must Reads for the Farm, Agricultural Magazines & Books

I know this is not expected and I had several other words that I was going to use, but then I went to Amazon and realized that every one the suggestions for me was an agriculture-related book or movie. Growing up city, I had no clue about how much studying there was to do and how […]

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scanning a barcode for cotton sample

Fiber Quality Testing on Every Bale of US Cotton VIDEO

When I was thinking about doing this, it was letters like Q, X and Z that made me wonder if I could really do it. The video I shot as I showed a friend around Memphis came to mind quickly. Although Steve had worked in cotton for years off and on, seeing how cotton was […]

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northeastern Kansas prairie

P is for Prairie & Growing Pinto Beans on the North Dakota Prairie

Since I was traveling again this week, I got behind again…. so I am going to catch up somewhat quickly. P is for prairie today, because I was traveling through a bit of prairie over the last few days. A lot of us have heard of prairies and may even get a photo in mind. We […]

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California olive farmer Irv Leen

O is for Olive — Insight on California Olive Production VIDEO

Last fall I had the chance to learn a lot about olive production in northern California thanks to farmer Irv Leen of Gold Rush Farms. Although I had seen quite a few olive trees while traveling in Turkey and Israel, visiting Irv’s was the first time for me to be able to visit with an […]

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A to Z Agriculture banner

N is for Nutrients — Nutrients Are So Critical in Agriculture

N is for Nutrients. That one has been in my mind for the whole time and nothing has shaken it. I guess some people may be thinking I could have made this a post about N is for nitrogen and had something similar, but I whole-heartedly disagree. And while no-till is a compelling term — […]

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cattle grazing on the prairie

M is for Moo! Why do cows moo?

I’ve had lots of cow-related suggestions for the A to Z series — so many that I think some friends may do a whole cattle series next year! Just think, there is alfalfa, beef, cheese, dairy, etc. but I decided to go for a simple word on cows and its probably the first thing I […]

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loam soils

L is for Loam, Love Great Silt Loam Soils

I can remember a time when I thought of dirt as something that only seemed to change about it was the color. I had noticed it when my family took vacations and even in looking at the soils in my grandparent’s yard since grandmom was an avid composter. But when I moved from Memphis to […]

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