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Jess Lehmann & Dr Robert Mensah

Son of a Witch Doctor Pairs Dad’s Skills with Science for Cotton

I have to say, it is unusual for me to listen to a podcast episode and immediately think that not only do I need to tweet out the link, but I need to go the extra mile and write a blog post. In fact, I can’t think of one but Saturday morning Twitter delivered me […]

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Indian cotton farmer irrigating

Breeding Bitter Seeds of Deception That Hurts Indian Cotton Farmers

I’ve been asked several times how I could work for a company that cares so little for life that we turn a blind eye to the plight of Indian cotton farmers due to Indian suicides. Some people have heard that farmers there are committing suicide because of the biotech seeds we sell. I’ve had long […]

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little man at a cotton picker

How is cotton picked nowadays?

Tonight I was asked to answer a question about cotton on Quora and I decided to go ahead and post my reply here on the blog too since I had already taken the time to write it all up.  🙂 The question was “How is cotton picked nowadays?” The answer I gave them follows with a few […]

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