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My #BlogChat and #AgChat Worlds Could be Colliding Happily!

For the last year or two, there have been two Twitter chats that I regularly participate in. The Sunday night #blogchat discussion about all things blog-related and Tuesday night #AgChat where farmers, ranchers and friends talk about producing food, feed & fiber. Tomorrow night (Tuesday, June 7 — 8 to 10 pm eastern) #AgChat will […]

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AgChat Foundation

Facts on the AgChat Foundation as it Celebrates Its First Year

A year ago, I was proud to be a volunteer on the team of people launching the AgChat Foundation. And I must admit, while there was a real rush of adrenaline associated with the Foundation’s launch, there was some sense of wonder about whether a small group of people could start such an ambitious project […]

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How to Participate in a Twitter Chat Session like #BlogChat or #AgChat

One of the best ways to build your network and learn more about areas you may be passionate about is to participate in Twitter chat sessions. I wrote an overview of some of the chat sessions I recommend separately, but wanted to provide something of a “how to” as well. If you haven’t participated in […]

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Giving Food Thanks & Thanking Some Farmers Too!

Having lived in New York metro, this video rings so true for me. Since I’m on vacation today, seems a great way to start my morning by taking a minute to quietly thank a farmer (actually several helped produce my breakfast of a chicken biscuit — chicken, wheat, eggs, milk, tea, potatoes) and offering #foodthanks […]

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AgChat Foundation (#ACFC10) Training Photos Part 3

What an incredible experience with incredible people! I am sure that I will be energized for a while after the AgChat Foundation’s first training conference, tweeted as #ACFC10. Silly that I got referred to as a presenter because I was a learner in a big way! Granted I had a few tips that maybe others […]

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AFBF 2010 Tweetup January 10 -- courtesy of AgWired

#AgChat Tweeps Here, Tweeps There, Tweeps Everywhere at #AFBF10

For a “first AFBF,” I can’t imagine feeling more at home.  It’s amazing to meet so many of the folks I’ve “talked to” over the past year.  Sure, we have talked almost exclusively through 140 character messages, but there is a funny immediate change of expression when you see a person who you’ve seen only […]

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agchat t-shirt2

SM Ag Revolution…

We all studied the industrial revolution that increased the way we could mass produce things in demand.  And most of us in mainstream agriculture have participated in the biotech revolution. This morning as I was casting my vote for Michele Payn-Knoper for twitter user of the year… the phrase, social media ag revolution came to […]

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Don’t worry about missing #openwebaward tweets

Some of us have noticed that the tweets recognizing our votes don’t always show up. Thanks to Darin Grimm for doing a bit of looking into it.  His finding? The results should be logging as long as you get the thank you screen on the mashable site.  Don’t worry about the tweet — you can […]

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