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What are GMOs

In Search of the Top 10 Ag Blog Posts of 2013

In case you have missed it, the AgChat Foundation has an album of photos on its Facebook page. They are looking for the top 10 blog posts about agriculture this year. The blog posts in the set cover a wide range of topics, written by people in various parts of agriculture. I put the thumbnails […]

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Tim checks out one of the cows

My Visit to an Organic Dairy — Wordless Wednesday

I recently went to visit my friends at Zweber Farms just outside of the Twin Cities. I wanted to share a few of the photos I took while visiting Tim & Emily there. Since my visit was a really quick on on a rainy day, I didn’t have a chance to see quite as much as […]

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The Pinke Post feature on JP

Honored to be Part of the 30 Days of Women in Agriculture Series

I mentioned earlier this month that my friend Katie Pinke in North Dakota was doing a series of posts on women in agriculture. I was honored to be asked to participate in the series. includes an introduction by Katie that really grabs my heart and head. I wanted to post a quick stub here so […]

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cotton picker on the farm

Thankful for Cotton & The Folks Who Plant it & Get it to Me!

This is another one of the “no brainer” posts for my 30 days of thanks series. I am sure some of you were beginning to wonder whether I was going to wait and make this my grand crescendo at the end or something, but I have to admit, that I’m not really that organized! LOL! […]

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Ryan Goodman & his paperdoll versions ie Flat Ryans

A Fun & Informational Guest Post Series on Agriculture Proud :)

Sometimes, there is a flash and you see things a little differently. That’s what sort of happened a few weeks ago. I had airline tickets to North Carolina & was making plans to see my nephew Jake of Flat Stanley fame here on the blog. I was also going to be leading some sessions on blogging […]

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Shared through Creative Commons thanks to IRRI Images

My Personal Thoughts on Golden Rice & Recent Vandalism

In the past week I have heard far more about Golden Rice than I had imagined I would. I first read of the vandalism of a test plot of Golden Rice in the most ironic of ways… I saw the news of it tweeted by Toby Bruce, one of the researchers at Rothamsted. Sorry to […]

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types of cotton blooms

Cotton 101 Video: How to Cross Pollinate Two Cotton Plants

This weekend, I drove to Memphis to visit family and eat awesome barbecue. And on both my drive down and drive back home to St. Louis, I got distracted by the cotton fields along the highway…. and yes, I had to stop! I mean really. Stopping in random cotton fields to see what’s happening that […]

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sign in a cotton field with farmer

Top 10 Blog Posts About Cotton in 2013

After writing more than 100 blog posts on cotton, it can be fun to watch posts keep showing up in my stats. There are a few posts that seem to show up frequently. They are posts that help explain things people may be interested in or that people find here or there and want to […]

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