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New Mexico 2016 cotton crop

The 2016 Cotton Crop: A Photo Tour of Several States

Last week I took several vacation days and while I found lots of time to see some brand new sights in New Mexico that left me at a loss for words, I also saw something so familiar…. something I hadn’t really see much of. I saw a few fields of cotton. With my schedule this […]

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Current State of the 2011 US Cotton Crop in Photos

This photo grabbed me late last week…  My friend Kelly Whatley (Twitter, Blog, Google+) lives in the Corpus Christi area and like so many of us, has a tradition of taking cotton harvest pictures, especially if there is a field or two that make you proud. South Texas always gets the first bale in and […]

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Dealing with the Aftermath of Alabama Tornadoes – Pray for Tuscaloosa & Alabama

I got a phone call this morning that meant I needed to go straight to the blog. It was Jan Hoadley of Slow Money Farm and she wanted to see if I was okay and how others were. She took a while checking on others and I said I think we’ve heard from a lot […]

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cotton field

Walkin’ in High Cotton – What is that?

“Walkin’ in high cotton” is a phrase you can hear and is generally connected to prosperity and happiness. The phrase has been popularized in music but I’m not sure everyone knows some of the ways it can connect to farming cotton.

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granddad in WWII uniform

First-Person Stories Always Move Me at Veterans Day

Memorial Day, Veterans Day and other times of year draw our attention to the topic of the men and women who have served in the military. I had a few things drawing my attention to the real topic of consideration this weekend. Not sure that I can say a short conversation with my cousin Ross […]

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