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social pros podcast

Being Social with Pros like Jay Baer

Some of you may remember me talking about Jay Baer (Twitter’s @JayBaer and blogging at Convince and Convert), before. Jay is a master of social media not only because he puts so much hard work and strategy into what he’s doing, but I personally think a huge amount of his success is attributed to being real. […]

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blogher friends Networking

Networking at BlogHer ’13 Really Means Lots of Friendly Faces!

Last Thursday, like thousands of other women from all around the country, I headed to BlogHer ’13 — the leading conference for women bloggers looking to network with their peers and chart a course of growth and development for themselves. To say it was a great experience is an understatement. I went for work, but […]

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wonderful team award

My Blog Community Totally Rocks! Here’s Who & Why

I have gotten several different things now and then that friends I’ve made in the blogging world have listed me for some characteristics or to in some way highlight what I do here on my blog. I haven’t paid many of them forward because well, it doesn’t fit. I love getting into adventures and sharing […]

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A to Z Agriculture blogging challenge

Lessons Learned Through My Blogging Challenge, an A to Z on Agriculture

I have done a few different blogging and social media challenges in the past couple of years, but have to say the A to Z Challenge may have been the toughest! And even though someone has suggested that I should start again with AA and BB, I’m taking a break from the series — at […]

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blog overhaul

How Do You Make Your Blog Better? Time, Effort & Shared Expertise

For the last several weeks, I have been doing small things to tweak my blog. I doubt anyone even noticed it, but it took quite a few hours. My efforts were coordinated with a very small group of farm bloggers put together by Judi Graff aka the FARMnWIFE. At first I thought I could let […]

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hanging with the girls at Smalltown

Year-End Review — Top 12 of 2012 Plus Some

This past year was a great one for both me and my blog, mainly because the blog is a personal one I guess. 😉  I have had a lot going on and I have shared a lot of it here on the blog. As I wrote this, I really enjoyed reviewing 2012. So while most […]

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November blogging adventure

Inspired to Write a Blog Post a Day this Month — 30 Days of jp? (Day 1)

I have been distracted from blogging recently and need something to get my but into gear. That’s what I was thinking this week when I saw Holly Spangler set a stake in the ground to write a blog post everyday for the month of November. As I was thinking it through, I was nudged as Katie […]

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pause in the conf to take a group photo

Danyelle Little @TheCubicleChick is One of My Social Media Heroes!

It has been a little while since I did a post in my social media hero series, but this weekend I was clearly reminded of one I needed to write up. That’s because Danyelle Little and her Show Me the Blog conference has rocked my world again. Yeah, I know I wrote about the conference […]

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