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baby cotton plants

Young Cotton Plants & 2014 Cotton Planting Progress to Date

This spring has been a bit nuts. Not only have we had weird cold snaps and some pretty significant storms, but I have been traveling a lot and all of those things come together to delay my seeing those precious cotton plants getting their start this spring. But today, as I drove back to St. […]

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Against the Grain TV Show

Watching Real Farm Stories: Against the Grain on TV

Today, I got home from the airport and should have been busily working on so many things. As I turned on the TV, I thought I would find something that could play in the background. Instead, I found something that left me spellbound. It’s a TV show that talks to various farmers about the 2011 […]

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Cotton & Corn Crop Conditions this Week – Video

This weekend I drove down to Memphis and have to admit, I really enjoyed the fact I wasn’t on a tight deadline! I did well getting on the road early and made great time, well, that is until I reached the part of Missouri that is part of the Cotton Belt. Yes, I moved a […]

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