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tri-chem design on fabric

Decorating Laundry Bags & Pillowcases With Tri-Chem

One of the clearest memories from childhood was having lots of things to do creatively. And while there were various handicrafts at different times, one that we frequently had on-going was painting on fabric. It was something called Tri-Chem (I am shocked to find out the company appears to still be around!). We would work on […]

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Third Row from the Back on the Left Where Dentyne is Found

When I said a week ago that I’d do a series of posts about my memories and stories, I asked if people had something they thought needed to be shared. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but up came a nudge from my cousin Lisa. Growing up, Lisa was my closest cousin even though at […]

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trampoline lessons

An After-School Class in Trampoline?

These days when I talk with friends, I frequently find out that they are running all sorts of directions with after-school activities. There are full slates of sports — baseball, football, hockey, soccer and more. There are also all the arts and languages — piano, painting, Japanese school, and seemingly millions more. But I rarely […]

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1970s halloween

Remembering 1970s Halloween Celebrations

Halloween is definitely a holiday that has a permanent home in the memories of American kids. I’m not sure how many of us remember a specific costume or a specific party, but the holiday itself…. that was something that caught our imaginations for weeks if not months in advance. Everyone discussed costume ideas or whether this […]

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spirograph fun

Lessons Learned on My Spirograph

The last couple of years, I have had it in my head that I need a Spirograph. You may remember this simple art gift that included various shapes and rings with holes in them for you to use in making fun designs. I blame it all on a conference that I’ve been speaking at called […]

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In those cotton fields back home

I was searching for travel stories & photos… a mental search mind you but a search none the less.  And to me, my whole life has been a trip.  And I think my general progression rates a post…. or maybe I should make it part of the about me page… hmmm… I’ll consider those ideas […]

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