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board certified teacher notification

Nationally Board Certified Teacher… Braggin’ on My Lil’ Sis!

While I was traveling recently, we got some fantastic news. I mean the kind of news that makes you holler with excitement. Here’s the way the announcement came in: The message was to my little sister Leslie and she immediately shared it with family and friends! I’m not sure how many of my family, friends, […]

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growing grapes for raisins

Every Picture Tells a Story — Raisin Farms in the San Joaquin Valley

I love that people are willing to help me figure out which stories to share first from the adventures I had in Oregon and California! The first person to reply to my request for opinions was a fellow blogger here in St. Louis! I haven’t met her yet, but Yokasta Schneider of Get U Moving Fitness is a […]

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My Vacation on Instagram — Pick a Photo, Any Photo

As many of you know, I took the week of Thanksgiving off to go on a wandering adventure, flying into Portland, Oregon on Saturday, November 17 and winding on vacation in Fresno, California Sunday, November 25. My trip let me see lots of great folks and lots of things I hadn’t experienced before — many […]

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GMO cotton harvest in Texas

Why would a farmer plant GMO cotton?

People frequently ask me why cotton farmers do this or that. One of the most common questions is about GMO cotton, or why they would plant a cotton variety that has been genetically modified in one way or another. I have talked about the choice in bits and pieces, but I think this post by […]

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California dairy farmer Dino Giacomazzi

Video of Giacomazzi Dairy Farm Inspires a Visit Even If Delayed

A few years ago I saw this video online. Watch it and see if it seems as memorable for you as it has been for me. I remember thinking it was amazingly good and I was a bit blown away by the fact I regularly talked to the dairy farmer — ie Dino Giacomazzi — […]

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Truly Thankful on My Birthday

Today was another in a long line of birthdays for me. Some of you know how many but I’m not telling mainly because I generally try to live a bit younger than the calendar shows. Choosing How to Celebrate Since my birthday is frequently alongside Thanksgiving, it has been easy to celebrate with awesome people […]

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flock of birds dancing

Birds Dance to Celebrate Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day. This year’s Thanksgiving was spent doing something I hadn’t done before and yet. I had the chance to understand how one of the foods that I love goes from farm to my table thanks to Irv, Louis and Jamie showing me through olive production. I will be posting about all of that later, […]

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Rainbow in the Cascades Mountains

A Rainbow in the Cascade Mountains

Today I drove through the mountains for a while and had the rare sight of great sun, but when I stopped for a quick break, I realized rain was nearby. Enjoyed catching this rainbow and thought I’d share it with you! To see other posts in the series of 30 days of daily blogging, just click […]

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