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A Progressive Vacation & Absolute Flexibility in #Travel

The past few weeks have been more than a bit rushed. I have had a lot of places to be and a lot of things to do. It seems like things were just spiraling out of control. All I could think is vacation will be here soon enough. It’s a vacation I have “planned” for […]

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election day

Election Day & Voters that Still Have Me Thinking

I know lots of people are still thinking through the recent election and the outcomes. What could have been differently? What was it that caused ________ to pass or fail? Should we revisit the need for the electoral college? And on and on. I don’t have too much mindshare for those right now but I […]

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Travel Tips to Help Negotiate the Holiday Rush

It happens every year at the holidays. The wonderful world of travel which I participate in so routinely becomes clogged with extra traffic. In the process, it seems a lot of people get thrown out of the holiday spirit. Since I travel the skies and roads so frequently, I though I would put together some […]

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me in front of a few bales of cotton

Food Dialogues and CNN’s Ali Velshi Wondering If His Socks are GMO VIDEO

The Food Dialogues is a series of conversations being put together by the US Farmers & Ranchers Alliance and today, there was a session held in New York. I wasn’t there but I tuned into the last hour and a half during which GMOs (ie, genetically modified organisms) were being discussed. The description of the session read: […]

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stuffed zucchini

Menu When Visiting Friends Includes Food & News From Syria

This weekend, I took a little time to catch up with friends while I was on the Plains. So I drove from Hutchinson, Kansas southward through the middle of nowhere of my college years. I have lots to share from this trip, but I want to focus on where I arrived for this post. I […]

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airline pretzels & a water bottle

Mindfulness in Food May Be What We Need

I can remember friends saying they were carb-loading for a big race. They wanted that energy that can sustain you for a long run or whatever. Pasta, cereal, etc were the way to go. Compare that to the foods we were generally eating at the time. Breakfast was cereal at times, eggs and bacon others, […]

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What an incredible week!

It’s been a week of my daily blogging commitment and I have to admit, this isn’t easy to do. Blogging everyday, tapping my brain for things that will interest me and you in addition to work, travel, personal life, etc…. It’s hard work but it’s good too. It’s great to think through things. Capture images […]

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Live Feed of #SmallTown2012 All Day Thursday, November 8

There is something about gathering together with people who have a passion for small towns that makes the conference I am at different than any other conference I have been to. This year’s Small Town State of Now in Hutchison, Kansas will be different from previous conferences. Different in several ways: Unlike last year, i […]

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