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cover milk challenge

Taking the 10 Gallon Challenge to Help My Community

It seems like summer is a great time for charitable challenges to be launched. A few years ago, I did the ice bucket challenge which was a lot of fun and raised money for a great cause. And some of you may remember that a really long time ago, some of us took on the […]

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buying an ice cream cone

It’s Time for an Ice Cream Cone! And Show from Turkey (Video)

After lots of rain, it looks like St. Louis is finally going to get some sun. Add to that it is National Dairy Month, and ice cream or frozen custard (think Ted Drewe’s) HAVE to come to mind! I love an ice cream cone now and then. That made me remember how fun ice cream […]

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Jessica Ziehm at Tiashoke 2013 - Kiss

Caring & Understanding on Two Z Dairy Farms (Farms A to Z)

When I looked at the two farms for Z, the words care and understanding came to mind. The photos for today really show that connection to the animals in the care of these farmers on a couple of family dairy farms. Zweber Farms Some of you may have remembered my visit to an organic dairy […]

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The Udder Side

Taking a Walk on The Udder Side (Farms A to Z)

The Udder Side has been one of my favorite farm blogs since I stumbled onto it years ago. I know, there are so many awesome blogs… how could I possibly have favorites? Well, The Udder Side is a little warped and that is definitely something I enjoy. I mean what other farm blog is actually […]

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Vineyard in Fall -- The Farmed Life

Passion is Clear with The Deere Milkmaid & The Farmed Life (Farms A to Z)

You may want to refresh that cup of coffee before you sit down to read today’s post for the letter T in the farms A to Z cause today there is a lot to take in. Part of it seems to be a true excitement to share what’s happening with farms in the northeast. Jenni Tilton-Flood […]

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Brian Scott of Scott Farms

Stauffer Dairy, Scott Farms & SlowMoneyFarm Show Range of Farms (Farm A to Z)

Love it when I get to these letters where I have several awesome farms to celebrate on the given day! That’s the case with the letter S in the farm a to z so I won’t waste time getting started! Stauffer Dairy Brandon & Krista Stauffer run Stauffer Dairy in Eastern Washington. Milk from the Stauffer’s farm […]

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some of the Patsche family

Mmmmmm Good Farm Blogs in Michigan & Minnesota

The letter of the day is M and that gives us two great farm blogs — Messy Kennedy and Minnesota Farm Living. What makes a great farm blog? Farmers who are not only raising food & fiber for people in their communities, but they take the time to share it online! Messy Kennedy Messy Kennedy is […]

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Johannes and Julaine Treur of Creekside Dairy - Copy

In Udder News Provides Creekside Dairy Views (Farm A to Z)

There aren’t many farms in my world that start with the letter I… maybe that is cause farmers tend to work with family members and others in their community and while it frequently involves independence, few farms would use words like that even in a blog. But “In Udder News” is the kind of play […]

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