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Tim checks out one of the cows

My Visit to an Organic Dairy — Wordless Wednesday

I recently went to visit my friends at Zweber Farms just outside of the Twin Cities. I wanted to share a few of the photos I took while visiting Tim & Emily there. Since my visit was a really quick on on a rainy day, I didn’t have a chance to see quite as much as […]

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cheese tasting

What’s your favorite cheese? & Some of My Cheese-Related Travel

My Recent Cheesy Travel Did you know it I haven’t gotten as many of the new food polls up as I had hoped, but I have lots of ideas so I will be continuing it just may not be quite weekly. Since June is National Dairy Month, I thought I’d go with the theme and poll […]

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cattle grazing on the prairie

M is for Moo! Why do cows moo?

I’ve had lots of cow-related suggestions for the A to Z series — so many that I think some friends may do a whole cattle series next year! Just think, there is alfalfa, beef, cheese, dairy, etc. but I decided to go for a simple word on cows and its probably the first thing I […]

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Michelle Mello teaches cotton via video conference on green screen

What’s up with that green screen? Who’s talking about what?

One of the photos I took while I was in California was in a TV studio. I have to admit it stood out quite a bit in the set of photos I asked people to prioritize blog content. And that led Lakeshia Brown (check out her blog Uncommon Chick) to ask, what was up and who […]

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California dairy farmer Dino Giacomazzi

Video of Giacomazzi Dairy Farm Inspires a Visit Even If Delayed

A few years ago I saw this video online. Watch it and see if it seems as memorable for you as it has been for me. I remember thinking it was amazingly good and I was a bit blown away by the fact I regularly talked to the dairy farmer — ie Dino Giacomazzi — […]

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Dairy farmers Becky Bode & Jan Bremer

From a Minnesota Dairy Farm to a St. Louis Bloggers Conference (Video)

During Show Me the Blog St. Louis, I have to admit, I got a charge finding out that Midwest Dairy had sponsored two women who participated in a spring social media session to come to the event. The two family farmers from Minnesota — Janet Bremer of Bremer Farms and Becky Bode from Bode Dairy — started blogs […]

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Barbara Borges-Martin DairyGoddess Hanford farmers Market

Help Make Farmstead Cheese Available to More of Us

Buying products that clearly show which farm they originated on or even straight from the farm has become a driver for many Americans. To do that, many farms have been doing some creative things to help make those connections more common. DairyGoddess Cheese My friend Barbara Borges-Martin aka the DairyGoddess is one of the many farmers […]

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Cotton is the Fabric of Our Lives guest series

Old Blue Takes the Top Spot on the Dairy

I’m not sure what I thought a stereotypical dairy farmer was like when I got on social media, but I didn’t think I’d find a bunch of them tweeting. And I certainly didn’t expect to meet farmers who have secret agent cows blogging from their farms. Then I met Ryan Bright. Ryan is a 5th […]

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