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Cotton is the Fabric of Our Lives guest series

Old Blue Takes the Top Spot on the Dairy

I’m not sure what I thought a stereotypical dairy farmer was like when I got on social media, but I didn’t think I’d find a bunch of them tweeting. And I certainly didn’t expect to meet farmers who have secret agent cows blogging from their farms. Then I met Ryan Bright. Ryan is a 5th […]

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one of the young calves in the nursery

Discovering the Dairy at SwissLane Farms in Michigan

When I found out that I would get to go to Michigan for the Young Farmers & Ranchers Conference, I was immediately jazzed as I knew friends Annie & Jerry Link lived outside of Grand Rapids. They had invited me to visit her family’s dairy farm. Here’s an overview of what I saw. I will […]

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Eating Lunch with a Dairy Farmer? Cheese is a Must! #FoodThanks

I wanted to share some photos from my visit with Ray Prock of Ray-Lin Dairy this fall. I still need to post some of the things I learned but the cheese keeps coming to mind — afterall, we went to a restaurant on the site where Ray & other dairy farmers deliver their milk. AND […]

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Batting practice

Lots of Stuff to do on a Family Dairy Farm

I have to tell you that my visit to Ray-Lin Dairy recently was shaped a lot by Ray’s son, 11-year-old Bryson (remember him from the Flat Stanley series?). It was the weekend so Bryson wasn’t at school. He was at home so he was having what sounded like a bit of a typical day in […]

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Finally! My First Visit to a Dairy Farm

When I headed West for work a few weeks ago, I was thrilled to find out I could take a bit of extra time and visit a couple of friendly farmers in addition to the meetings I needed to attend. With the number of farmers in California that I consider friends, I had to figure […]

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Yarnell Ice Cream Arkansas flavors

Ice Cream Month Starts with a Meltdown in the Mid-South

In the ag community, I have gotten used to seeing what month it is. There is usually a food group that gets some extra notice in a given month. It’s no surprise with the heat of July, that ice cream is due a celebration this month. I even stocked up before July hit so I’d […]

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Awesome Time with Michigan Dairy Farmers

I’ve written a few blog posts about my recent trip to Michigan so I doubt I surprise anyone with another blog post about the trip, but it may surprise you that I saved the best for last. Granted, the snow sculptures, cherry muffins, etc were great, but the biggest benefit for me was getting to […]

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Hazards of Farming in Extreme Cold

We know that work goes on for a lot of folks despite cold temps and farmers are among the people who have to keep at it, especially if they have livestock. This winter’s extreme cold in many areas of the upper Midwest was something I was watching on TV news and Twitter when something came […]

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